ECB Digital Platform
ECB Whiteboard Software for coursebooks available FREE on the ECB Digital Platform!

If you are using ECB books with your classes, all you need is a computer, a projector and an Internet connection. If you have an interactive whiteboard, even better!
And if the Internet "disappears" in the middle of your class, the unique ECB Digital Platform continues to run.

Windows 8 users: After installing your digital book, you need to download and run an update in order to make your product compatible with Windows 8. Click here to download the update.

*Click on these titles to see a video of the exciting features of the ECB Digital Platform:

*Click on these titles to download a demo version of the ECB Whiteboard Software (it may take a few minutes):

*Click here to download a PDF overview of the features available in ECB's Whiteboard Software.

Our representatives are always happy to answer any questions you may have.