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A Reason to Build Walls
"Mending Wall"
Lucca, Italy
Derry City, Ireland
Western Wall, Israel
Berlin Wall, Germany (Wikipedia)
The Berlin Wall
"The Wall" - The National Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Great Wall of China
Hadrian's Wall, Scotland

An Ordinary Hero
My Hero

Animal Rights
All for Animals

Animal World
Kids' Planet (click on Get The Facts)
SeaWorld/Busch Gardens - Animal Byte
WWF - Threatened and Endangered Species
EnviroLink Home Page

Are Fairy Tales, Legends and Myths Meant Only for Young Children?
Whootie Owl's Stories to Grow By
Stories in a Nutshell
Animals, Myths & Legends
Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Story

Biography (biography links)
World History - Hyperhistory

Birthdays Are Special
Celebrity Birthdays
This Day in History - The History Channel
Famous Birthdays

Buildings Are Tall
World's Tallest Buildings


Camping in the Negev

Can You Keep a Secret?
How to Keep a Secret

Computer Crime and Cybercrime
ETNI: Acceptable Usage for "Har v'Gai" Regional School

Compare Two Countries

Dangerous Jobs
Dangerous Jobs
10 Most Dangerous Jobs 2015

Do We Really Need All These Products?

What Is Consumer Fraud Reporting?

Did It Happen in Your Lifetime?
Hyper History

Food, Food and More Food
Global Gourmet - Choose a country

Food and Films
The UVic Writer's Guide
The Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Script Database
The British Film Institute
Greatest Films Site
Institute of Film Studies
Scope - a fully refereed online journal of film studies edited by staff and postgraduate students within the institute of Film Studies at the University of Nottingham. See, in particular, the articles archive, the book reviews, and the booklist (bibliography).
The Online Film Dictionary

Fun at the Museum
Madame Tussaud's - London, England
The Children's Museum - Boston, USA
The Natural History Museum - London, England
Hands On Children's Museum - Olympia, Washington, USA
Institute and Museum of History of Science - Florence, Italy
National Aquarium of Baltimore - Baltimore, USA
Ontario Science Centre - Toronto, Canada

Funny Crimes
Dumb Criminals

Gangs and You
Gangs and At-risk Kids
Gangs 101
Gang Awareness
Headlines Don't Always Tell the Story
Plain Language Humor: Funny Headlines
Witty Quotes Haven: Funny Headlines
Innocent English - Funny Newspaper Headlines

Hoax or Real?
Museum of Hoaxes

How Much Should I Eat?
Nutrition Exploration: Kids

Is There Something Hidden in the Food Label?
The Food Guide Pyramid
Teens Health – Vitamins and Minerals
Dietary Reference Intakes (PDF files)
Dietary Guidelines: Build a Healthy Base

Inventions - Scavenger Hunts
Activity 1 - Children of Invention
Activity 2 - Inventions: Food
Activity 3 - Timeline of Everyday Inventions
Activity 4 - Invention or Discovery

Job Search
Job Search

Just for Fun
BBC - Radio 1
Internet Safety - Cyberdating
Terror teens named and shamed
'Terror triplets' walk free from court
Mobile phone thief gets four years

Kids Can Be Ecologists
Kids Do Ecology

Kids Invent
Kid Inventors and their inventions
Kid Inventors
Life in the Age of Global Warming
WWF Climate Change
Global Warning Signs
Global Warning: Signs and Sources
EPA Global Warming Site
NRDC: Consequences of Global Warming

Mobile Phone Etiquette
Wired News: She's Gotta Have It: Mobile Phone
Wireless firms look to tap teen market
Mobile Phone Etiquette
Opinion: Table for two, mobile phone or nonmobile phone?
Verizon Rings Out Mobile Phones’ Assets
Marketing to the Always-On Teen

Modern Communication Acronyms
Fun with Words

Murphy's Law
Murphy's Law

Music Reflects the Times
The History Channel
Hyper History
Timeline of British History
National Museum of American History

My Birthday in History
National Geographic
This Day in History -
The History Channel

One Photo - A Thousand Words
National Geographic - Daily News

Relief Organizations
Yahoo! Society and Culture
Persuasive Speech Tips and Topics
How to Give a Persuasive Speech

Saving Animals
ASPCA - Animaland®

Yahoo Dictionary

Surviving a Disaster
I Survived the Titanic - by Ruth Becker
Rescuers from the Holocaust
What the 1994 Northridge Earthquake was like for me.
Dolly McTigue Survival Story - an interview with a ship survivor
Amy Knowlton: Surviving a Plane Crash - an interview
Fire: Lise Bohannon

Sports Treasure Hunt
Factmonster - Sports

Teenage Crime
Frontline: Juvenile Justice
The Life of Crime Isn't for Everyone
Funny Real Life Crime Stories

Today's Horoscope and the Newspaper
Your Weekly Horoscope
Free Daily Horoscope

To Blog or Not to Blog
Techno Teens LIVE Blog Rules and FAQ

Travel Brochure
Adventure Travel
Lonely Planet
Planet Ride
Currency Converter

Wacky Inventions
National Inventors Hall of Fame
The 'Lectric Law Library's Lexicon
One Look Dictionary
Wacky Patent of the Month

We Didn't Start the Fire
We Didn’t Start the Fire - YouTube

Weather Report
Weather Underground

Where in the World Can Teens Volunteer?
Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

Who Invented It and When?
Timeline of historic inventions - Wiki