Literature for 5 Points, Option 1 and Option 2

Each book in this series contains the appropriate texts for the National Literature Program in accordance with the Ministry of Education.

Students will be thoroughly prepared for the new Literature Module F (5 points).

Approved by the Ministry of Education

Each unit of the Student's Book contains:

  • The seven key components of teaching literature, as outlined by the Ministry of Education
  • Explicit teaching of the HOTS
  • Spiraling in of previously taught HOTS
  • Relevant literary terms
  • Thoughtful analysis and interpretation
  • Motivating post-reading tasks
  • Bagrut-style practice

In addition, the Student's Book includes:
  • An appendix of Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • An appendix of Literary Terms

The Teacher's Guide includes:
  • Suggestions for implementing the material
  • A comprehensive answer key
  • Relevant background information