Results for 5 points
Noami Loney, Sharon Sokoler, Sue Kerman
Proficiency Level, Stages 2 and 3

Results for 5 points is a popular course which thoroughly prepares 5-point students for Modules E, F and G of the Bagrut.

  • Engaging and up-to-date texts dealt with from innovative angles
  • Two sets of questions with each reading text, one for teaching and practice, the other for consolidation and exam familiarity
  • Vocabulary organized into charts of word families, useful phrases and expansion, with extensive practice
  • Grammar with explanations, progressive exercises and helpful exam tips
  • Stimulating listening activities, full writing guide and authentic literature
  • Three Bagrut practice tests
  • Approved by the Ministry of Education

Results for 5 points includes:
  • Student's Book
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Practice Book (optional)
  • Audio-cassette / CD - listening
  • Audio-cassette / CD - reading