Essential Links
Lynn Saferstein
Intermediate Level, Stage 1

Digital Classroom Support on Kotar (Matach)

Essential Links is a course for heterogeneous seventh-grade classes based on Links.

  • Interesting topics relevant to the age level
  • Lots of reading with a wide variety of text types
  • Choice of texts and tasks on different levels
  • Engaging heterogeneous activities
  • Core and extra vocabulary
  • Authentic literature
  • Contextualized grammar with graded practice
  • Grammar and Writing Appendix with rules and explanations in Hebrew / Arabic
  • Progressive writing programme
  • Problem-solving activities
  • Comprehensive glossary
  • Approved by the Ministry of Education

Essential Links includes:
  • Student's Book
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Practice Book (optional)
  • Audio-cassette / CD - listening
  • Audio-cassette / CD - reading
  • Tests CD (free on adoption)
  • Digital version for students

Sample pages

Student's book, pages 88 and 89
Practice book, page 63
Practice book, page 65

Downloadable games and activities