Miki Aharoni-Bousso, Netti Susman and Julie Yosefyan
Foundation Level, Stage 3

ECB Whiteboard Digital demo - download

Panorama is a content-rich course with exercises on two levels - core and extra - designed especially for heterogeneous classes.

  • Designed to stimulate the students by expanding their world knowledge
  • Exposure to different cultural and historical events through the reading texts
  • Many opportunities to practise new vocabulary
  • Abundant language practice
  • Detailed performance tasks
  • Extra tasks and projects
  • Self-check sections at the end of each unit
  • Approved by the Ministry of Education

Panorama includes:
  • Student's Book
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Practice Book (optional)
  • Teacher's Resouce Pack
  • Audio-cassette / CD - listening
  • Audio-cassette / CD - reading
  • Tests CD (free on adoption)
  • Posters
  • Extra: Panorama Reader
  • ECB Whiteboard software for teachers
  • Digital version for students

sample pages

Student's book, pages 10 and 11
Practice book, pages 8-9

Teacher's Resource Pack - Easy pages, page 6
Teacher's Resource Pack - Extra Vocabulary Pages, page 34

Downloadable games and activities