Hill Top
Hilary Lavi and Francine Treat
Foundation Level, Stage 2

Hill Top is a motivating course for learners still needing reading reinforcement.

  • A systematic phonics program
  • Easy, success-oriented reading passages
  • Training in the use of reading strategies
  • Exposure to a variety of text types
  • Dialogues for the practice of functional language
  • Emphasis on lexical fields and the re-entry of all vocabulary items
  • "Bonus" activities for more-advanced pupils
  • Task-based listening comprehension activities in every unit
  • Builds necessary prerequisite skills
  • Motivating pair or group activities
  • Oral and written performance tasks, together with checklists for the pupils
  • Chants and songs to reinforce grammatical patterns
  • The Workbook provides additional exercises to practise vocabulary, phonics, language structures and oral skills

Hill Top includes:
  • Student's Book
  • Workbook
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Audio-cassette / CD
  • Flashcards
  • Posters
  • Digital version for students

Sample page 68 (Student's Book)
Sample page 69 (Student's Book)

Sample page 58 (Workbook)
Sample page 59 (Workbook)

Downloadable games and activities