Dizzy from A to Z
Vicky Tsur
Foundation Level, Early Learners

Dizzy from A to Z can follow Hi Dizzy or be used as a first book to introduce, recycle and work on the letters of the alphabet.

Re-approved for the revised curriculum

  • Gradual introduction to the letters
  • Listening and speaking activities
  • Pre-reading and pre-writing activities
  • Variety of stories
  • Activities for vocabulary and language acquisition
  • Songs, chants and listening activities
  • Performance-based tasks
  • Opportunities for teacher- and self-assessment
  • Big Book of all the stories

Dizzy from A to Z includes:
  • Student's Book + Songs and Stories CD
  • Big Book
  • Teacher's Guide - English and Hebrew
  • Teacher's Guide - Arabic
  • Flashcards (with a Dizzy bag)
  • Audio CD

sample pages

Student's book, page 39
Student's book, page 44