Revised Mastering Modules A C

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Module A

Unit 1
Are You Tired? Don't Drive
page 9C | questions

Unit 2
A Serious Allergy
page 17B | questions

Unit 3
An Expensive Crime
page 24B | questions

Unit 4
Lucky to Be Alive
page 32B | questions

Unit 5
A Dream Job
page 41B | questions

Unit 6
The Galapagos Islands
page 50B | questions

Saving the Tigers
page 58 Test | questions

Module C

Unit 1
Thinking Outside the Box
page 71-72B | questions

Unit 2
To Buy or Not to Buy?
pages 84-85B | questions

Unit 3
Healthier Choices
pages 96-97B | questions

Unit 4
The Prices of Happiness
pages 107-108B | questions

Unit 5
The End of an Era?
pages 119-120B | questions

Unit 6
Water on the Moon
pages 131-134C | questions

Leave Wild Animals in the Wild
page 142 Test | questions

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