Tests for Module G

Audio Reading Files (mp3)

To download an audio reading file (mp3):
1. Right click on the page number.
2. Click Save Target As or Save Link As.
3. Choose folder to save file.
4. If you are not using an mp3 player or a CD player with an mp3 option, you must convert to audio files before burning onto a CD.
5. All files include questions.

First Paper
Computers? No Thanks!
Page 5 | Questions

Second Paper
Teens Fight for Healthier Air
Page 9 | Questions

Third Paper
Internet Addiction in China
Page 13 | Questions

Fourth Paper
Growing Up in the Big Apple
Page 17 | Questions

Fifth Paper
Can We Increase Our Brain Power?
Page 21 | Questions
Sixth Paper
Saving Lives on Bikes
Page 25 | Questions

Seventh Paper
Giving Literacy a Boost
Page 29 | Questions

Eighth Paper
Robot Capital of the World
Page 33 | Questions

Ninth Paper
A Heartfelt Response to Music
Page 37 | Questions

Tenth Paper
Searching for the Roots of Addiction
Page 41 | Questions
Eleventh Paper
That's Advertainment
Page 45 | Questions

Twelfth Paper
Mind Games
Page 48 | Questions