High Points
Evelyn Ezra
Proficiency Level, Stages 2-3

Re-approved for the revised curriculum

High Points is a challenging, high-interest course for 5-point classes.

  • Stimulating topics that widen students’ horizons
  • A wealth of opportunities for interaction and discussion
  • Get Involved! sections that encourage personal engagement with the topics
  • Bagrut-style comprehension questions
  • Focus on language appreciation
  • Vocabulary exercises designed to foster use of new lexical items, including chunks of language
  • Clear grammar explanations and practice, topically linked to the texts
  • Focus on thinking skills
  • Focus on writing, with a full writing guide
  • Authentic literature: story, poems, folk rhymes and songs

High Points includes:
  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Practice Book (optional)
  • Audio CD – listening
  • Audio CD – reading
  • Tests CD (free on adoption)
  • Digital version for students

Sample pages

Student's book, pages 36 and 37