Treasure Hunts for Elementary School Coursebooks
It's the beginning of the school year again. Here is a collection of Treasure Hunts to give your students a glimpse of the subjects they will be learning about in their coursebooks this new school year.

Click on pdf or doc next to the book title to download and print the Treasure Hunt.

To view these Treasure Hunts you will need MS Word (doc) or Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf).

English Is Magic* - pdf doc
Freddy and Friends* - pdf doc

Click 1* - pdf doc
Click 2* - pdf doc
Click 3* - pdf doc (in English pdf)

English 1* - pdf doc
Freddy's World* - pdf doc
Freddy's World Plus* - pdf doc
Adventure Club* - pdf doc
Mr. A* - pdf doc

Our World* - pdf doc
Let's Go - pdf doc
Hill Top * - pdf doc
English 2 - pdf doc
Out and About* - pdf doc
Story Club* - pdf doc

Panorama - pdf doc
Panorama Alternative* - pdf doc (in English: pdf doc)
Highlight - pdf doc
Highlight Alternative* - pdf doc

* in Hebrew