Bagrut for Module A

Audio Reading Files (mp3)

To download an audio reading file (mp3):
1. Right click on the page number.
2. Click Save Target As or Save Link As.
3. Choose folder to save file.
4. If you are not using an mp3 player or a CD player with an mp3 option, you must convert to audio files before burning onto a CD.

First Paper
An Unusual Honeymoon
Page 4 | Questions

Beach Clean-Up
Page 7 | Questions
Second Paper
Get a GPS!
Page 12 | Questions

Fast and Fit Sports Club
Page 15 | Questions

Third Paper
Professor Alia
Page 19 | Questions

Clean-and-Shine Car Wash
Page 21 | Questions
Fourth Paper
Laughter Is the Best Medicine
Page 27 | Questions

Anti Drunk Driving
Page 30 | Questions

Fifth Paper
A Runner with a Soul
Page 35 | Questions

Walking Tours of Old Jaffa
Page 38 | Questions
Sixth Paper
Learning to Help Yourself
Page 42 | Questions

Vacation in Cyprus
Page 45 | Questions

Seventh Paper
Billion-Dollar Home
Page 50 | Questions

Eldon Youth Hostel
Page 53 | Questions

Eighth Paper
Green Towns
Page 58 | Questions

Learning How to Do It Yourself
Page 61 | Questions

Ninth Paper
The Secrets to a Long Life
Page 66 | Questions

Happy Pets Photo Contest
Page 69 | Questions

Tenth Paper
Page 74 | Questions

Unusual Professions
Page 76 | Questions
Eleventh Paper
Fit to Ride
Page 81 | Questions

Fairway Soccer Club
Page 84 | Questions

Twelfth Paper
Robots Who Care
Page 88 | Questions

Exercise and Watch TV
Page 91 | Questions