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Internet Sites

These Internet sites enrich the themes in your coursebook and provide resources for the unit tasks.

Unit 1 — Driving Each Other Crazy
Michigan Survey Shows Importance of Parent's Expectations in Education
Seeking Perfection
Driving Big Brother

Task Sites:
CCTV surveillance systems used as a crime prevention tool
How to Conduct a Surveillance
Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make - song lyrics
Parents turn to tech toys to track teens
Let technology help you keep track of your kids

Unit 2 — The Internet
Cyber Angels
Crime Library - Cyber Stalking
CBS News - Cyberstalker
Be Web Aware - Gambling
PBS - Teenage Gambling - interview

Task Sites:
Kids, blogs and too much information
Drug and Alcohol abuse
DEA - Drug Information
A Guide to Drugs and the Brain
TeenHealthFX - Advice from teens

Unit 3 — Crime Doesn't Pay
Bungling Burglar Has Very Bad Day
America's Most Wanted

Task Sites:
Famous Crimes - links to stories
Crime Library
MysteryNet - Mystery and Crime TV Show
Televising Crime Fact and Fiction

Unit 4 — Believe It or Not
BBC - The Tasaday Hoax
Museum of Hoaxes
The Great Moon Hoax
Apollo Moon landing hoax accusations - Wikipedia

Task Sites:
Museum of Hoaxes
The Great Moon Hoax

Unit 5 — Health Matters
Food Additives May Affect Kids' Hyperactivity
Food intolerance
Food for the Brain - ADHD/hyperactivity

Task Sites:
Junk food to be banned in schools
Junk Food Infiltrating Schools
School vending rated as junk
VeriChip Corporation

Unit 6 — A Second Chance
Homeless to Harvard
Learning Together Programs for Youth
High School Dropout Prevention
Second Chance for School Choice

Task Sites:
Who Are Today's School Dropouts?
Youth and Youth-At-Risk Programs

Unit 7 — That's Life
Extreme Science - Animals
Discovering a Secret of Long Life
Reincarnation -
Reincarnation and Past Lives - list of sites

Task Sites:
The Longevity Game
Happy 120th? Science Pushes Human Longevity
Hunting 'longevity genes'