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Internet Sites

Unit 1 — Health Matters
Food Additives May Affect Kids' Hyperactivity
Food intolerance
Food for the Brain - ADHD/hyperactivity

Task Sites:
Junk food to be banned in schools
Junk Food Infiltrating Schools
School vending rated as junk
VeriChip Corporation

Unit 2 — A Second Chance
Homeless to Harvard
Learning Together Programs for Youth
High School Dropout Prevention
Second Chance for School Choice

Task Sites:
Who Are Today's School Dropouts?
Youth and Youth-At-Risk Programs

Unit 3 — That's Life
Extreme Science - Animals
Discovering a Secret of Long Life
Reincarnation -
Reincarnation and Past Lives - list of sites

Task Sites:
Interview Tips and Questions - Preparing for the Interview

Unit 4 — Believe It or Not
BBC - The Tasaday Hoax
Museum of Hoaxes
The Great Moon Hoax
Apollo Moon landing hoax accusations - Wikipedia

Task Sites:
Museum of Hoaxes
The Great Moon Hoax

Unit 5 — The Internet
Cyber Angels
Crime Library - Cyber Stalking
CBS News - Cyberstalker
Be Web Aware - Gaming
Teeage Gambling - interview

Task Sites:
Kids, blogs and too much information

Unit 6 — Crime Doesn't Pay
Bungling Burglar Has Very Bad Day
American's Most Wanted

Task Sites:
U.S. Businesses: Cost of Cybercrime Overtakes Physical Crime
Technological Aspects of Internet Crime Prevention

Unit 7— Driving Each Other Crazy
Michigan Survey Shows Importance of Parent's Expectations in Education
Seeking Perfection
Driving Big Brother

Task Sites:
CCTV surveillance systems used as a crime prevention tool
How to Conduct a Surveillance
Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make - song lyrics